COVID-19: Rethinking Global Society


  • Francesca Romana Lenzi “Foro Italico” University of Rome, Italy



COVID-19, social cohesion, security


Corona Virus Disease 19 (COVID-19) is an earth-shattering pandemic with implications not only for healthcare and economics, but also for society. Its dramatic spread has interrupted the advancement of global societies, leading to a breaking point through its extreme acceleration of the crisis of lifestyle and social needs, relationships and production. This is true above all in the West, given its dominant global position. COVID-19 has forced a racing world to stop and fall back on its own fragilities. However, in the aftermath of its tragic impact, the forced imposition of a radical change could offer a unique opportunity for rebirth: an occasion to develop better alternatives to face up to these insecurities. This article aims to observe and describe some of the aspects of the pandemic and investigate them through sociological theory. This could offer valuable interpretations to unravel the complexity of the pandemic and grasp its challenge for the future.

Author Biography

Francesca Romana Lenzi, “Foro Italico” University of Rome, Italy

Department of Movement, Human and Health Science 




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Lenzi, F. R. (2021). COVID-19: Rethinking Global Society. Italian Sociological Review, 11(1), 109.