• Domenico Secondulfo University of Verona, Italy
  • Debora Viviani University of Verona, Italy



baudrillard, simulacrum, forms


Ten years on from the death of the sociologist and philosopher Jean Baudrillard, the legacy of his thinking continues to bear fruit. It could almost be said that absence has bestowed even more generous gifts than presence. After all, death often played a dominant role in Baudrillard’s intellectual outlook. As the world advances into postmodernity, or whatever it will be called when it has been fully grasped, the perspectives in his works have become not only more valuable but also much clearer. For instance, the concept of simulacra, which is mapped out on an ever-increasing basis in technology, communication and everyday life, increasingly features as a cornerstone of meaningful interpretations of phenomenology.

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Domenico Secondulfo, University of Verona, Italy

Department of Human Sciences

Debora Viviani, University of Verona, Italy

Department of Human Sciences




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